"Jason was my personal fitness instructor several years ago. I discovered he is even a better Realtor. He's represented me on one purchase and I hope to do another in the next 6 months. Jason listens to what you want. He doesn't waste your time with the wrong listings. I have yet to use him as a listing agent, but will certainly do so when I want to sell."
Craig K.

"I was able to buy my first home thanks to him, and now I’m buying a building with him. As soon as we close escrow, he’s helping me to use the equity I have in my first home to invest. I came to this country with $500 in my pocket. With Jason’s help I plan to set up my future with Real Estate investments. My entire family uses him."

Ali H.

"Jason was knowledgeable, patient, and hard working. His friendly style of negotiating got us our dream home even though there were many other offers and we kept getting outbid. Jason was somehow able to convince the them to take our offer! Thank you Jason!"

Angela and Marco

Craig Knudson: "Jason is a trust worthy person, with a great work ethic. His follow through is the best in the industry, and his people skills are amazing. To this day I use Jason's services, and refer him to all of my clients."

David G.

"Jason is a realtor that can work with anyone because he truly has his clients best interests at heart. A San Diegan that knows the area well and will take care of your needs as if you are family. A hard worker and very diligent, you will not be disappointed when you work with him to help your family achieve the dream of home ownership, a second home or investment property. Two big thumbs up to Jason and the Stewart Estates team!"

Carlos K.

"Jason Stewart is a fantastic realtor because he has many years of experience and is very knowledgable.  What sets him apart is that he truly cares about his clients and takes the time to find out the 'why' behind their decision to buy or sell."

Allyson K.

"Jason Stewart is extremely knowledgeable about real estate. He is also very professional, courteous, and reliable. He is always passing along his knowledge about buying, selling, and other related information pertaining to real estate (such as benefits of renting vs owning, improving your credit score, deposits, valuing your property, refinancing, getting leads and the best price when selling your home, and so forth). He is constantly advancing professionally and passes that on to clients, friends, associates, and acquaintances. I would recommend his services to anyone in the San Diego area needing real estate services."

Crystal C.

"It was a wonderful experience for me they found me the perfect house and I have been telling all of my friends and family about Stewart Estates, I also love reading the monthly newsletters very uplifting and positive. It's good to still have honest people in this business."

Gloria B.

"I got lucky and listened to Jason at a young age and bought a condo in Chula Vista for $111,000. With that equity I’ve bought and sold several homes with him, and now if I keep it up, I’m going to be able to retire comfortable, even though I work a regular job at the junior college."

Brian B

"Jason Stewart is passionate and knowledgeable about his work. He is always available to answer any questions via e-mail, or phone. I've recommended him to my friends, and plan to work with him again in the future."

Maggie R.

"Jason Stewart is the most knowledgeable Real Estate Professional that I have ever met. I have worked with a lot of people, but it wasn't until I had the privilege of doing an internship working for the Stewart Estates Team, directly under Jason that I had encountered someone with a true passion for helping people."

Luis A.

"Jason was extremely patient with me during our house-hunting process. He was always available to show us properties as I found things I wanted to see inside. I a, grateful for all his help, plus he walked me through all the paperwork involved in buying our property. He helped me to understand what everything meant. I thank him very much. We are very happy with the property we chose."

Kathy T.

"Jason is a true professional, from his websites, to his many informative videos. His work ethic and desire to help others are worthy of emulation. I would highly recommend Jason to anyone looking to find their dream home, or sell their current one. Thank you,"

Donal S.

"Jason helped us sell our home many years ago and we just were able to purchase again. My entire family is excited Jason is an awesome friend and Realtor"

Ricardo G.

"Jason helped me find the perfect home with a full bedroom and bath downstairs for my elderly mother. Now I have several hundreds of thousands of dollars in equity and I’m picking his brain to see how I can use it."

Will B.

"When it comes to real estate in San Diego I always refer my friends and family to Stewart Estates. Jason and his team have been a great resource for me when it comes to any real estate questions I have and I look forward to getting his monthly newsletter that provides me with great information."

Bjorn A.

"Jason Stewart is a very knowledgeable real estate agent with 13 years of experience. He seems to know the business ins and outs as well as knowing how to make your budget for farther allowing you to acquire larger properties that may provide more equity through attached rental properties while building personal wealth overall and keeping a lower personal mortgage payment. I have not known Jason long, but I'm a thoroughly impressed with his knowledge of the business."

Justin D.

"I've worked with Jason for a number of years now and he is exactly as descibed by the other reviews. Very punctual, knowledgable and will get you exactly what you are looking for in your deal. Plus, he works with a great team who all work in unison to make sure each deal gets the highest level of care. Check em out, I would certainly recommend it."

Tim S.

"His casual demeanor and approach is comforting and reassuring. His knowledge and connections to the industry gives me the confidence to trust him with my home purchase. Wether you’ve done your research on your own and have a good idea on how to get the home you want—or haven’t a clue where to begin, Jason will guide you in the right direction for all your real estate needs."

Joe N.

"Jason has a passion for helping people, whether it's buying or selling you will like working with him. Jason loves to help other agents be successful. His attitude comes from a belief in abundance and positive energy backed up by professionalism"

Jason R.

"Jason is professional, knowledgeable, and great to work with. I highly recommend using Jason for all your real estate needs!"

Joe N.

“Since I first started working with Jason, He has exceeded my expectations in keeping me informed and accommodating my needs.”

Marie K.

“Jason got me an accepted offer in only 5 days and made sure I got the most out of the transaction with the least hassle. I will use Jason for all my future real estate needs and I would recommend him to anyone!”

Dr. G.L.S.

“I never expected to own my own home; Jason Stewart worked very hard to make that dream a reality. In fact I got more than I expected with the special loan programs that were found for me. He was there to answer all my questions throughout the entire process."

Luz B.

“Jason did a great job selling our home quickly and keeping us informed of the current market status and how it applied to our personal circumstances"

Leah N.

"Jason was very informative and diligent throughout the process of buying my first home. It’s not something I thought I could accomplish at this stage of my life, but Jason really seemed to have my best interest in mind. His dedication allowed me to take this life changing step and for that I’ll always be appreciative"

Tyler I.

"I would recommend Jason to everyone- He made me feel like I was his only client $ saved me from foreclosure & got me a better property! I thought that the Stewart Estates Team went out of their way to help me."

Jennifer W.

"Thank you so much for all of your help and finding us our new home! Im so excited and we couldn’t have done it without you! You’re the best! Thanks for putting up with my OCD and all of my questions! We will refer you to everyone!"

Crystal & Leon

“Jason Stewart made me $100k in my first 2 investment deals! Thank you Martha for referring me to Jason. His team is awesome and his expertise is priceless.”

Tom T.

“Jason is my go to Realtor when I have any questions. His team can help you buy, sell, refi, rent out your properties and more, yet may favorite service they offer is being there for all of my questions even if I’m not in the market.”

Yamina H.

"As  a loan officer, I work with alot of real estate agents, day in and day out, but never have I worked with anyone as professional and as  hard working as Jason Stewart. It is an honor to be able to work with someone with so much motivation, drive and confidence. He is a "Jack of all Trades", an Entrepreneur at its best, and he will make sure your home buying process goes very smooth and easy!"

Monica S.

"Being a local independent escrow company we get the opportunity to work with a ton of agents. I have had the privilege to work with Jason and Stewart Estates for the last two years and all I could say is that every deal we do together has been a breeze. He  communicated very well with his clients which makes our job so much easier. Jason takes the time to keep everyone informed on the market and on new regulations that will affect all of us homeowners. Thanks J!"

Tania G.

"Jason is top notch. I have been following Stewart Estate's for some time and I am extremely impressed with Jason's professionalism and highest regard to his clients. I love his passion for his work, which truly sets him aside from the rest. Jason and his team can definitely count on my business in the future! I look forward to Jason's email newsletters and updates, it helps busy moms like myself stay up to date! Thank you!"
Marci G.

“I had an awesome experience buying through Jason! Would highly recommend him to all my friends & associates! “

Chris L.

“Jason is the best! Very professional, and an amazing business person. He knows the most influential people in San Diego and around the world really.It’s an honor to do business with him. I would highly recommend him on many levels especially Real Estate!”

Monica S.

"I can vouch for Jason Stewart. I have been friends with him and his family for many years. I know people who have had their real estate needs met by him. They have been very satisfied with the high level of expertise demonstrated by him and his team. I give you my word Jason Stewart is a very trusthworthy man and I highly recommend him for all of your real estate needs. Thank you. Sincerely,"

Guillermo D.

"Jason Stewart represents his family and clients as one this sort of behavior is rare. I’m his cousin so this makes our family extremely proud!  Jason is human but at times does some very epic (haha) things to go over and beyond the call of duty. Dependable is a word to look up in the dictionary and there you will find his picture. Jason, thank you for being you." 

Cousin Stewart A.

"I rate Jason as a phenomenal agent! His dedication to helping my family when they needed him in process of selling their house was more than I could have ever expected. He was so patient with us as my mom was already dealing with another estate agent. Jason was able to provide a much affordable help and weny above and beyond with my mother and provide completely honest. I can't thank Jason enough for his dedication"

Miah L.


Broker: Keller Williams Realty

CalBRE Broker Number: 01964008

2371 Fenton Drive Suite 220, Chula Vista, CA 91914

Jason Stewart

DRE#: 01478409